Friday, 29 February 2008

A letter to Por Por

Dear Por Por,

I was only 14 years old and stupid when I first met you. That time it was hard for me to accept that I have a Granma after so many years without one. It was difficult; awkward especially because it was a funeral that brought us to meet. But as years goes by, I have slowly progressed to accept you into my life. I find you sweet, practical, strong personality, strong character and loads of sense of humor. It is so incredible how you were still able to smile and joke around with us although in the inside you were suffering from the multiple cancers.

Thank you Por Por for all the sacrifices you’ve made, the tears, the patience and all the sweat and blood for the family. There is nothing on this universe that can ever repay you.

Thank you for the sweet memories.


AM said...

I never get to know my Por Por :( she passed away when my mom was 10.

But I love my (arwah) Opah, who albeit being only nenek tiri, loved us with more than love.

sharel said...

sorry to hear that..

well looking into the bright side, at least we have some memories of 'nenek-nenek'..

Por pors rule!