Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Goodbye Sam

Looong break last week..even my Internet activities was on halt.I had 5 straight days with my wife, family, and some! That trip was insane! I think i can also call it "my GOLF WEEK". Sanggup bawak and tidur with 5 clubs dalam train, Thursday 9 holes at KGPA (rain check), Friday night went to the driving range in Cheras with Abot and Saturday 9 holes at Awana (also another 'rain check'). Macam "ia ia" je..Of the two 9s, my game at Awana was the worst, nearly putus asa with Golf and was ready to concentrate back in my "teng teng" and "galah panjang" championship. Tapi macam biasa, towards the end, 'hantu dia mai', I'd managed to pull in few good swings, kembalila bersemangat. Berjaya! Baik!

Politics, politics politics...Recently, have you read the newspapers? Although it has been more than 2 weeks after the 'Election Tsunami', the first 30 pages is still talking about politics!!cukuplaaaaaa...morning break also politics, lunch and tea break pun ada jugak selit-selit...cukupla...anyway the Goodbye Sam by comedycourt ni best! check out the youtube!

Haa! just to share this with you guys. Do you know that there is a surau in our KTMB train? If you are planning on taking a train trip, and planning to bersolat on the train, remember to bring the Kaabah compass. InsyaAllah by directing other people towards the kiblat pun, kita boleh dapat pahala.

And guys, see you in VI this Saturday!! Sports Day wei!!Jom balik Sekolah!!

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