Thursday, 12 July 2012

Dr. Martens

Favourite shoe? Doc Marts comes second after Chuck’s. Got my first pair of Doc Marts from Tangs Singapore way back in 93. It was the original 8 eyelet Cherry Reds. Love them but size 8 doesn’t last forever. My second and last pair was a grey, lightweight boot which I got from the store in Covent Garden. Coolest boots ever! Lightweight, rare and it grooves with every pants I’ve ever worn. But sayang seribu kali sayang, I abused it by wearing it as safety boot all through my  uni years; scratched and damaged, worst, the boots are nowhere to be found! Bummer..

Well, since my birthday is around the corner (hehe), i’m ‘OK’ with any of these. 

And i would love to get Izza one of these.. If she likes em..

Sure looks cool with baju kurung..hehe


izza syahida said...

Nnti kita cari doc marts k..
For mens shoes, yg no.2 pic tu cool!

Sharel Abdul Wahid said...


Mohd Fahamy Zahari said...

Tumpang tanye ....
2nd pic kasut dr. Martens rylee ke?
Coz prnh cr kat the gardens tp xd .
Bleh tau kat ne nk dptkn ksut rylee tu?

Sharel Abdul Wahid said...

yup. . aku pun mencari jugak..