Sunday, 4 December 2011


Kenapa aku pula ‘chillex’ bila phone aku hilang?

“ Dude, It was meant to be..”

Why is that? (ooh Harian Metro would love this)

  1. That morning, I woke up in the wee hours, out of the blue, takde angin melintang or whatsoever, I ‘back up’ my phone. Last back up was 2-3 months ago.
  2. I normally back up the phone memory only but yesterday tergerak hati to back up both, phone memory and external drive memory. The process took nearly 3 hours.
  3. My uquran software was installed together with the sound file. FYI, to search and install the software is easy but to get the sound files aren’t. Peliknya, yesterday I ‘cut’ the sound files from phone to my PC. So the sound files are saved!
  4. I only realized the phone was not in my pocket after 20-30+ minutes. Sungguh lama
  5. Instead of using my phone, I asked Izza to use hers to snap Umayr’s first coned Ice cream.

“ Kan?.. It was meant to be..”

I do think so too..

Anyway to the Hamba Allah who took my phone, if you use it for kebaikkan (untuk beli susu anak ke, isi perut yang lapar ke, buat derma masjid ke), AKU HALAL kan dunia akhirat.

Sa Ti Oh, thank’ll be missed

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