Monday, 14 February 2011

4 CM

1 cm - Why do they measure in CM? We normally use MM for drawings, at times, architects/cabinet makers use Inch/feet..Why CM?

2 cm -How do they measure and ruled out with an exact measurement? How accurate is the reading? Did they stick a ruler in it?

3 cm - Yesterday, We paid a visit to the Doc and he said, “history has repeated itself...4 cm! But you can go home, pick a date..” huh? Yes, the door has opened! 4cm wide! But we’re still at home, taking things at easy breezy mode…

4cm – Realized that I just shared my wife’s VJJ (the 4 cm story) to the whole world! Started yesterday with both our parents ( I assume they must’ve spread the word to the other families), then we shared with our neighbours and today at Maybank while waiting for my number to be called, I shared the news to an unknown kakak.. and she was like “uhuh~..” Come to think about it, the feeling is like a wife telling neighbours the size of her husband’s Coney Dog.. W-e-i-r-d..

Anyway, like today’s FB status, I’m Super Excited!


twayblade said...

alamak, aku pun excited gak baca status ko nih. all the best!!!

sharel said...

alhamdulillah..semua selamat..