Monday, 17 January 2011

Familia Year

Alhamdulillah syukur.. Many thanks to Allah Who has blessed us with all the goodies, rezeki and health. Kuatkanlah Iman kami supaya kami tidak leka memenuhi tanggunjawab kami kepada Mu..Ameeen..

Although I’ve posted 2 entries before, let’s assume that this is my first post for 2011.
Here it goes..

1. This is a little personal, but hey, no harm in letting it out once in a while. I dedicate this to my girlfriend. Gibbs brothers mode, ON! (To get in the mood..hehe)

Yang, you know what? I’ve just realized for this past ten years, I’ve been repeating the same phrase to you every single day without fail. If I say it once a day, meaning, for the last 10 years of my life, I’ve said 3650 times already. But you know I say it more than once a day rite? Anyway girlfriend, just to let you know that this Bee Gees song have been repeatedly played many times on my playlist and I’m still struggling to be as romantic as Awie from Sembilu. Back to my objective, for the many thousandth time, this time I want the whole world to know that Yang, I LOVE YOU…. LOVE YOU SO MUCH! ….You, complete me…(thanks Maguire..teehee)

2. Umayr, I only know you for 2 years..hmmm so..hmmm…what the heck, I love you too!! Heheh Umayr, Umayr, Umayr..why do you always have to make my heart melt?? Ohh..Do you know that your 8 days hospitalized drama last week crushed our heart? Please don’t do that again..we were sick worried! Both Atuks and Neneks drove all the way from KL just to see you tau! Oh Boy, you’re gonna have a lil’ bro soon,! i hope you understand that in the next few months, our attention will be slightly off to your lil’ bro especially mommy. But you have me buddy! We will play together from dawn until you ask for your ‘Sus’!! No matter what and how, just remember that we love you ya?..good boy..

By the way, today Umayr is 1 Year and 4 months old...Happy 1 year 4th!

2011 is all about familia ése..February Love...

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izza syahida said...

wife laaaaaagi cinta husband!! *blush*blush*

p/s: umayr, pls dont scared mumy n dady lg camtu k...pls pls pls stay away frm unhygienic stuff....