Sunday, 31 October 2010

Umayr's First Artwork

Title: 'Mamam'

Artist: Umayr Sharel
Media: Purple Colour Crayon stick on printed Kid's meal paper - Courtesy of Chili's Gurney Plaza, Penang
Description: Artist applied an Abstract Expressionism approach to visualize hunger and anger. The usage of sharp lines with multiple zig-zag curves are to express rage and regretfulness towards war in Palestine; where many have died of starvation. Artist applied colour of royalty to symbolize 'richness and the purest of heart' as the only answer to end the catastrophe.

Artist at Work - 23-10-2010


izza syahida said...

hehe..yang x tahan siap susun fries kat tingkap tu..meja kita la yg plg messy!! umayr..umayr..

sharel said...

tu art tu yang..dia nak buat sculpture pakai fries..