Tuesday, 7 September 2010

27 Ramadhan

Umayr also celebrates his birthday every 27th Ramadhan!
So technically and "Islamic Calendar-ly", our Umayr is already ONE!

Happy Birthday Umayr!

Dad and Mom loves you!

more of Umayr Sharel at :http://umayrsharel.blogspot.com/

*countdown to 17 September- 365.
Picnic Party at Taman Tasik Perdana! - 16 September2010


izza syahida said...

happy 1 year old Umayr!!!

mumy teringat balik when I first saw you..you slightly blue-ish, but you're the most adorable baby that I ever seen...mumy loooooooooves you sayang!!! u too dady! ;D

sharel said...

biru.. mata bulaat je..hehe