Thursday, 26 August 2010

Ihm - 13 weeks

Last night we went to ASC to take a peek at Ihm.SubhanaAllah Ihm is already well formed! We could see Ihm's head, arms, body and legs! Ihm was very active..terguling sini sana, did some back flips and hand stands....hehe..

Alhamdulillah...Izza's condition is improving, her morning sickness and vomit routines has decreased and she has lost few stones due to puasa. Will be entering the second trimester next week, InsyaAllah may both of them in ever good health!

Entahlah, this time around rasa macam sungguh cepat je Ihm membesar. Maybe because last time it was just they two of us and we so were focused at Uhm sampai rasa macam lama sangat due date tu..having an active Umayr, sedikit sebanyak 'distracted' us..tak banyaklah kalau dulu at 120% now 100% la..hehe No Ihm, don't get us are always on our mind..


izza syahida said...

awww...mumy cant wait to see you, Ihm!!!

mumy cant wait for you to move around in my huge preggy belly, ur 1st kick (actually you've kicked, once but to ur big brother Umayr for himpit u, I guess...hehe) and many more!!!

countdown: 15wks and 27wks to go!!!

sharel said...

Umayr yang ganas!..