Sunday, 13 June 2010

Negara Orang Puteh - Part 1

I've been wanting so bad to do this entry earlier but ada sahaja dugaan yang datang.. Even mom asked.." dik, when are you going to share the pictures with us..?" and the other day, a 'fan' (hehe.yeah right..) also tanya the same thing ....OK ok.. the mood tu belum fully sampai lagi..this is the part one..i promise to share more later ..

Oh.. Fyi, we went on a family trip to Gold Coast ...the pictures were taken on the first 2 days..the balance of 6 will follow soon..


Tiki Village International..we called it 'Home' during that 8 days

Appel Park and a little bit of Surfers Paradise..yup the Neon Guitar..

Appel Park and a little bit of Nerang river..and.. hey! that's Umayr!

To be continued..

Part Final


Anonymous said...

fuiyooo!!!Umayr p jengjalan...negara omputih...

sharel said...

Correction: berdukung..hehe