Monday, 17 May 2010

Happy 8 Months old Umayr!!!

  • he is still gigi-less
  • he is now able to recognize faces especially 'Maaa~'
  • commands everything by crying- milk, nenen, sleep and mandi
  • loves mandi..he loves water like daddy..ehem..
  • very playful..he likes chasing us (in his walker)around the house and 'drifts' like a rally driver..
  • he loves steering wheels..
  • despite toothless, he eats almost everything.from roti to ice cream..( no artificial sugar until 2 years old konon..)
  • to us, he is one handsome, adorable baby..

oh Umayr, .."how do i live without you?.."

thank you Umayr..Mom and Dad loves you..


amadzlan said...

i did control Suriani punya food until up to 1 year, no artificial flavor, no sugar, no salt etc, semua natural. tapi lepas 1st birthday party with all the food and cakes and ice cream, hampeh. dia nampak apa kitorang makan dia pun nak :P

happy 8 months umayr!

sharel said...

at least you managed to control up to a year! Umayr dekat babysitter..tak sure berapa banyak roti cream gardenia dia makan..hmm..and this is without ATuks and Neneks around..

izza syahida said... life wud sucks without umayr!