Friday, 5 March 2010

Three 3

1. Fashion

I think I have a problem with fashion. I’m born fussy when comes to buying cloths, pants and even shoes (shoes even worst- dah la size 11 is a rare in our market..cis!). This “problem” hit me again during our second trip to Hat Yai last weekend. Susahnya nak cari baju!! Design ni tak kena, design tu tak kena.. This is one of the downside of being a designer. Either I’m very fussy with fashion, or I don’t have any fashion sense at all! Tak tau lah..I partly blame the company for forcing us to wear uniform everyday thus shuts down our sense, taste and craves for fashion. I vote NO to Uniform!! No to Uniform!! Aik?,,

But lastly I managed to grab myself a few new TESCO!..haha.. TESCO Thailand punya baju not bad laaa!..

2. ‘Umayr has spoken’

Although gibberish + ‘gremlin-ish’, once in a while “mammaaa~” and “dadaaaaa” blurted out! Maybe it is just random or by coincidence..I tell you, that really does made our day! Senyum sampai ke telinga cek oi!..Umayr is now 5+ months old..this is definitely one of the best time to play with Umayr! He is now able to react to our silly faces, smile..ooh his smile is precious! You should hear his laugh! Oh! Melting beb…lagi-lagi bila tickle his armpit..penggeli macam daddy dia..hehe

3. Binatang pun lebih mulia

Sejak menjadi ayoh ni, I’m very sensitive to news and stories of child abuse and gejala ‘buang anak.’ Why? Why? Why? Kepada yang buang anak, ketahuilah ada manusia dalam dunia ni yang bertahun-tahun berusaha nak dapat anak tetapi masih tak dapat-dapat! Daripada kau campak anak yang tak bersalah tu depan masjid, mati kesejukkan di gigit semut dan binatang, carilah mereka ni. At least hidup sihat juga budak tu. To child abusers, nothing much,.. I hope you burn in hell..

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