Sunday, 30 August 2009

United Malaysia

Few nights ago, Izza and I spoiled ourselves with Starbuck’s finest ice blended. Seated at the table next to us was a Chinese family, both parents and their 3 daughters happily chit chatting while enjoying their supper. What interest me to them was (besides the lovely daughters..hehe), their conversations were average 50% in bahasa, 40% in Hokkien and 10% in English! Cool gila! I guess they’re a Baba Nyonya lah. I have always envy people who have multi-lingual ability. Sungguh envy..

My biggest regret in life (so far) is not able to learn Chinese from mom. Here I am, born half chinese, having a mother who is able to verse in all Chinese dialects and yet this handsome son can’t even speak and learn a single word of it (except for the curses..that one, expert!). Rugi yang amat sangat…

I should take up mandarin class la..

Anyway Happy Merdeka day. I just hope that we can put a side all the political agendas and live our life normally by being more tolerate and respective to each others beliefs and differences.

Let’s pray for a more United Malaysians..

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