Tuesday, 7 July 2009

July Love..

July is my month of "Luuuuurve..." . Not to say that I’m stingy or what, but in July, I'll be extra generous in spreading the ""Luuuuurve..." eh! but only to my "loved" ones lah..

1. Wife is getting a whole bunch of it on the 7th for our 2nd Wedding Anniversary..that’s today y’all!!

2. Apak and Pak Mertua will get some on the 9th for their Birthday (Yeah! Same date!) Oh and my cousin, John also..same date..

3. Lissa will get some also for her birthday on the 17th. Eh? 17th? Jeng!jeng! jeng!..

4. On the 30th, Izza and I will go Honeymooning! This will be our so-called last honeymoon together..Tak jauh..but still overseas..Jerjak Island..heheh..semoga tak menghampakan.. This one..Hmmmm..the biggie!

5. And of course Uhm will also get tons of it as well..He is now 7 months..hey! Uhm is 7 month old in the 7th month! 7777 ooh I luuuuurve sevens..

Today I’m giving out the first “July Love”..

Yang, you know I don’t read and write poems..so I’ve turned to the net world to get some help (kejujuran itu penting dalam relationship)..dan akhirnya, ku jumpa jua..
(tolong baca dengan penuh syahdu sekali-my mission ialah nak buat you nangis baca ni)

There's so many things i like about you, I..
I just don't know where to begin,

I like the way you, look at me with those beautiful eyes,
I like the way you, act all surprised,
I like the way you, sing along,
I like the way you, always get it wrong,
I like the way you, clap your hands,
I like the way you, love to dance,
I like the way you, put your hands up in the air,
I like the way you, shake your hair,
I like the way you, like to touch,
I like the way you, stare so much,
but most of all....

most of all....

I like the way you move.....

(I like the way you move - Bodyrockers)

Hahahahaha..can’t wait to take you out dinner tonight yang!! Bak kata Kak Kylie Minogue, "..Celebrate good times, come on!!..."


izza syahida said...

heheh.. sweetnye poem by!! =D

tq 4 the anniversary dinner!! me n uhm luuuuurve it!!

cbt!!! (come on Jerjak Island!!)

sharel said...

hahaha "Sweet"?

"Sweet dreams are made of this.."

Tiba-tiba teringat lagu Marilyn Manson pulak..

Jerjak Island! Ride on!