Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Shiny Happy People Holding Hands..

So much happenings and I wonder where to start? Ok, Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. here we go!

1. House

We’ve moved to a new house, and I’m happy and proud to announce that it is our very own house! Describe the house? Let’s just say that this house is way more comfortable, spacious and beautiful than the Gurun house. It is also a single story but there’s land on both sides of the house (we are slowly picking up interest in greenery), we have rooms for 2 families –attached bathroom (friends and families, the house is open to you guys. I’m just a ‘ring’ away), we have a TV@STUDIO@Office room (finally I have my own jamming studio!), dining room with a view and emmm how do I put this? The porch area can fit in 7 cars? Heheh..The house is lovely..please come to our house warming @ kenduri kesyukuran on June 6th. Interested? Do email me.. I can’t give the details here.

2. New Hobby

I’ve yet to knock down my kgs, so I’ve took up a new hobby! Cycling! I’ve spoiled myself with a 27 speed mountain bike, complete with helmet, meter, bag and tools. Thanks to all the healthy programmes on TV especially the Biggest Loser. Every weekday evening, I will cycle at least 30 minutes = 12 km. The route is quite challenging with some gradual hills at the start and the end. Enough for me to break some sweat and hardened my quadriceps (ehem!). Last week and even early this morning, I have managed to “cucuk” some friends from the office to cycle 40 km, from Gunung Jerai to Titi Hayun, mandi sungai 45 min -1 hour and cycle back to the starting point. Seriously, best gila! The ride, scenery, the outings with friends and of course the exercise was a blast! Looking forward to “cucuk” and to cycle next month!

Ok i have to stop here as it is 2:00 am already..we have just received one hell-of-a good news and i can't wait to share it with you guys!! Let's wait for the "files" to be successfully uploaded on Youtube! heheh


Anonymous said...

Salam Miki..Hani nie..wah!!buley geng ngan Wak dah..cuma Wak pakai beskel resing..(tapi takat pusing2 subang aja laa..)Nak panjat Gunung Jerai lambat lagi laa..tunggu nak try Bukit Tonggek UiTM dulu..

cantik umah!!mmg cantik!!!

Keng salam kat Izza..

sharel said...

aku dah lama dah nak beli! akhirnya dapat jugak!! tanya wak..brapa lama dah aku sembang dengan dia nak beli!! hehe..

mai la house warming kami!

Anonymous said...

heheh..tu dia..taram lama kaa nak beli beskel..heheh..x pa..kayuh!!!jgn x kayoh..

Insya Allah.. x dak apa2 hal sampe laa kami berdiri kat depan pintu pagar tepi meter ayaq di umah Miki..

sharel said...

aku akan menjemput hang dari meter ke dalam rumah..hehe mai mai..