Friday, 29 May 2009

Remember May 29. Apak and Mom's Wedding Anniversary!!

I’m very bad with dates and calendars. Don’t ask me about holidays, birthdays, or anything that is related with calendars.

I received this email from mom this evening.. Here goes..

33 years ago today, 29 May 2009, a couple took a journey together not knowing where it will take them except that they have each other and very much in love. There were no long term plans, no fat bank account, and no all-round support from family members and friends. What was sure was that they were gainfully employed and were totally committed to each other to make that journey last.

Alhamdullillah today they have two wonderful boys who have their feet planted on the ground with roofs over their heads, and who have grown the family to include two lovely daughters, two grand-daughters and another grandson soon to come.

The couple continues to laugh, tease, skimp, lavish each other, travel, be tested and test one another through the years. Alhamdullillah they are still together, healthy, caring and loving each other, and praying InsyaAllah that their journey together will go on for many more years to come. That Allah will continue to bless their children and families with love, health and happiness through all the trials and tribulations of life.

Again, this date just couldn’t stick in my thick head! From now on, I’ll try my best to remember it! Apalah punya anak..

Happy 33rd Anniversary Dad and Mom!

p/s: The email was sweet kan?


Marliza Radzi said...

ya email sangat sweet.

sharel said...

sweet like chocolate..