Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Bobby Dearest..

Dear Bobby

Sorry..Lama dah tak update. Lately I’ve been very busy. With work, with school..and hey! Izza is back for good! Yup.she has completed her Masters now waiting for her posting letter to arrive. Bestkan? Now baru the real “married life” kicks in!

Work? I’m trying my best to stop complaining about the company. I’ve finally learn that it is such a waste of time and energy to hope for great things to happen from them. So now, I only do what I’m required to do, 5:30-ish balik and spend the later evening with wife tersayang.

I have so many things to tell and to share but I’ll better do it later at home. Rasa tak sesuai buat entry di tempat kerja..You see? Mana nak dapat pekerja baik macam ni?

Till then..

Yours truly,

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