Tuesday, 22 July 2008

"Why do birds.." you know that song..

Hmm.. baru je hantar wife balik KL naik train..back to normal mode.. the same ol' thing... morning to work, home in the evening, sleep and on and on and on...anyway thanks Yang for lightening up my weekend..hope things won't be so busy in the office (doubt it!) so i can come home and see you more often.

Camera Gear

I'm back at "ciwi" mode with my new camera accessory. Guess what? Vertical Grip for my Sony A100! How cool is that? After long search through the internet, secara tak sengaja terjumpa depan mata..apa lagi! grab laa! Thank you (hate you) Credit Card! Sony A100 is already obsolete, plus compare to Nikon and Canon, Sony's accessory is very limited..lagi-lagi third party's.. From my research, there are only 2 vertical grips for Sony A100.. Korean made DiCain and the one in my possession, Taiwan made Ownuser. For a fast comparison, DiCain’s has only one battery slot, one shutter release and selling in ebay at RM1k plus. My Ownuser pulak, it has 2 battery slots (normally Vertical grips has 2- for back up) 2 shutter release and I bought that at only RM300 without postal fee and 7 working days of waiting. Ok, it does look a bit “plasticy” and cheap, but to hell with that! I’m no pro.. i’ll buy a better camera if I were one..hehe..what I need now, is another flash.. the one that can swivel unlike my HVL-36AM.. maybe the HVL-56AM or the new HVL-42AM..or the just released HVL-58AM..ooooh Gorgeous!!!! Nafsu nafsu.. Lets wait for ‘them’ to fall from the sky..


Had few movie treats these last few days. Watched Hancock on Saturday (Batman was full house in Gurney Plaza), Lucky Number Slevin at Cinema Extravaganza D’Taman Murni and the Dark Knight (at last!) at Sungai Petani.

Hmm..entertaining, another “Cinderella-ish” movie. Sleepo-meter – Wide Awake (Surprisingly!) The cuts of the “Assholes” and gaya dia terbang were really a turn-off. I give Hancock a handsome 2 out of 5, for keeping me wide awake.

Lucky Number Slevin

Yeah it is an old movie and I’ve been keeping it untouched in my DVD folder for quite some time. The reasons I got that were because 1, recommended by Abang a long time ago and 2, the Heavyweights starring in it- Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis, Lucy Liu, Ben Kingsley etc. A definite 5 out of 5! I just love this kind of movie! Unexpected, unpredictable and a little twisted at the end. But I may say it is quite a Hindustani-like story line, bukan cinta and menari/nyanyi tu! The dendam kesumat ..agak Hindustan-ish

The Dark Knight
I’m not a fan of Batman. Not a fan of DC Comics although I like Superman. The main reason is Heath Ledger. Not because that was his last movie and all, I shall give my credits to the work of Heath Ledger as the Joker. Brilliant! He deserves to get an award for that!! Memang brilliant! 5 flat for the best Joker, a 4 out of 5 for the Dark Knight, also for keeping me wide awake. I don’t fancy the batmobile and the bat “kapcai”.. maybe memang dah standard Batman kot since the “Kapow! Blam!” version.


AM said...

love the song. heh.

I like Lucky Number Slevin too!!! and you know how I feel about The Dark Knight (if you read my blog). so yeah, itu jelah komen aku. heh.

sharel said...

classic..been playing in my head since menonton our wedding video hari tu..hehe

Jay Ismail said...

wah wah..berrrtikellllllll gripppppp..cayalah...bile nak mai studio ni.main2 product shoot besh ni...

sharel said...

hahaaaa...gua sudah ada vertical grip!!! tapi flash je takde..no good laa

gmah said...

wah....cm makin hot jer ur camera 2 wit dat thinggy.heheh...nnt blk sini bawe la er.bole display on da table..original ke? wakakakakkk...

sharel said...

Tuan dia pun Hot jugak..heheh..kenape nak kena display on the table plak?