Wednesday, 16 July 2008

July 2008

Sudah lama tidak ber-blog. Kehadiran isteri tercinta di rumah selama 3 bulan yang lepas telah mengisi masa lapang aku untuk tidak ber-blog. Ya, aku hanya aktif menulis blog apabila aku keseorangan dan sangap tidak tahu nak buat apa di rumah ni.

July 2008

So much happenings in the month of July! First and foremost, my first wedding anniversary last 7th. It was a blast! Mr. Jay gave us a wonderful anniversary present; a studio photo shoots session in his cool studio in kg.Pasir (kot). Heheh..thanks bro..

On the anniversary day, we went all over KL. First to VI (ada kerja sedikit), then to Gombak to take my baju raya (yes! baju raya ni!!!this year beraya di izza’s, so the family ada colour theme..first time my raya ada colour theme! Sebelum ni nak berbaju melayu pun susah..hehe) and next melepak di Bukit Bintang, Pavillion, Lot 10 and my favourite, Low Yatt. I surprised Izza with a romantic candle light dinner up at the “historic” revolving restaurant on the 18th floor of the Federal Hotel. Although at times the revolving platform jerks (mungkin mechanism dia dah lama kot), the scenic view, romantic ambient and the lobster set completes the night. Sayang the band plays on weekend je.

So macamana kehidupan setahun menjadi seorang suami? Honestly, tak rasa sangat..because most of the time i’m alone in Kedah and Izza in KL. But the last 3 months dapat la rasa sekejap. Morning ada breakfast, nak pi kerja, salam-salam and she will stand at the door, “bye-bye” and tutup gate. Sejuk je hati. Balik kerje pulak, salam-salam lagi, dinner dah ready, solat jemaah, lepak baring-baring depan TV, tidur...oh i miss all that! Susahnye bercinta long distance ni..

We have family birthdays as well in July! 9th is Apak’s and Papa’s birthday! My cousin, Jonathan and kalau tak silap my Pak Andak also on the 9th. 17th pulak, hehe sapa lagi..and Lissa too. Banyaknye birthdays on July. Oh my Tunang anniversary also in July! Ok thats too much..

Semalam 15th, Kedah was on holiday! Golden jubilee Sultan Kedah . Roslee and I took the opportunity to register our Masters at USM. With this student card, officially, i’m back as a “student”! Hahaa.! I was quite rebellious during my UiTM years. Baju serabai, student card tak pakai, kereta malas nak register resulting to few summons and was even sent to the “mahkamah” once for that and macam-macam lah (tak perlu cakaplah kan..). This time around, lepas dapat je kad student card tu, terus pakai, tak tanggal. Satu perasaan bangga pulak pakai. Bila dah kerja, baru sedar betapa bestnya jadi student. Menyesal je dulu tak buat kawan dengan student-student from other schools. Kalau nak belajar business, lepaklah dengan budak business, minat medic lepak dengan budak medic, engineers, law, architects and so on..lagi best, the library! I think selama 5 tahun kat UiTM, 10 kali je kot pergi library tu..sungguh kureng.. so my azam this time, melantak library secukup-cukupnya!!

Kawasaki ER-6N

Tested ER-6N yesterday. Oh boy! That 650 cc naked really made my mouth waters! It may not be the best among it’s class, but at RM29500, totally worth it! There are some styling issues especially the meter on top of the headlamp, it looks weird and funny from the front and the “round” shaped rear is quite a spoiler. The frame is cool but quite disappointing when the Malaysian version comes with only silver colour instead of the European version; gold frame for black body, red frame for silver body etc. For a beginner rider like me, the torque is overwhelming! Well i didn’t get to test the maneuverability, i guess the awesome tubular frame design with the rear mono shock may help to score that points. This is an entry level naked bike, so i don’t thing there is an issue with the standard fork instead of the popular inverted.
My verdict? At that price? Hell yeah!! Will i buy? Hell yeah!!(kalau gaji naik...hehe) RM500+ per month, RM1000+ per year for the maintenance (tyres, rantai,etc.) insurance and road tax lagi? At least another cukup duit..belilah..

Our house

Our house dah nak siap!! Pintu dah pasang, tingkap, plaster, porch..wahh!! The water and electrical works je belum lagi..We have bought the lightings already. Cool design yet cheap!
Can’t wait to “SIM” up the house...ooh dah lama tak main the Sims..Next, grills and cabinets...and of course, furniture...

Till then..


izza syahida said...

hepi 26th b'day hubby!!!
and i mish u too!!!!

sharel said...

miss u too wife..can't wait to meet you tomorrow!

AM said...

switnya rumah itu.
alahai bestnya kalau boleh SIM up rumah a la SIM, as in, no real $$$ involved. huhuhu.

sharel said...

klapaucius !;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!

gmah said...

cant wait nk gi umah korg yg penuh dgn cermin 2.i can c it oready from da pic.hahahha..

sharel said...

rumah penuh dengan cermin = duit dalam bank habis ke grill..mai lepak kedah!