Sunday, 27 January 2008

Sunday Funday

How do you spend your weekend? My idea of 'weekend-ing' is lepak at home, watch dvd, internet and plan where to go and what to buy (only the end tak keluar pun). If i want to go out, say to the shopping complex, i must have a very good reason to go. The ever popular 5W questions will be the judgment-Why do i have to go out? What to do/to buy/to see? Where is this place? How far? Worth going? When should i go? I will not question Who la..but a stronger reason to go out if Izza is here. But today, no matter what, i have to go out! Although now it is 11 am already, and i should have gone out at 9 (as planned yesterday) tiba-tiba stucked nak menaip blog pulak..(biasalah tu), no matter what! "mmmussst...ggoo OUT and fffaaccee the wwoorld!!!"

What are the reasons for me to leave my fort today?

1. Buy train tickets to KL (after last week's bad experience with bus way!) for the CNY holidays

2. Post office to courier bendera for my batch's trip to mount Kinabalu

3. Puas dah korek glaciers dalam freezer dan scrap cat di dinding untuk buat santapan tengahari dan malam. Stock makanan dah habis, kena pi Tesco.

4. Early this morning, Lee baru dapat anak perempuan, Qistina Batrisyia. Congrats to Lee and family.. and nak pi melawat depa.

5. Nak cari Adobe Illustrator CS2 or CS3. My Illustrator 10 is quite old la..must upgrade

6. Kalau pi operation Desert Storm, my car senang-senang je camouflage. Must wash car! (malas nak basuh sendiri..weekend maa..)

7. Mengidam fast food. KFC and McDonald's ad telah berjaya menikam nafsu ku. Terbayang-bayang ayam yang berasap-asap (walaupun pakai special effect-tapi tetap nampak mengiurkan..) dan this year tak try lagi Prosperity Burger. Talking about Prosperity burger, do you remember last time before that ada Samurai Burger? ooooh why McD tak buat lagi Samurai Burger tu!!!? (sambil mengesat air liur yang meleleh keluar)

Okla i've wasted so much time already..and i should go now..Lecehnya nak kena tukar to blogspot. Geramnya tak tau customize this page.. kat sekolah dulu tak belajar html..nantilah.. tak lepas lagi pakai dreamweaver..

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